Case Studies

Finding the right solutions for our clients to be successful in their business space.

A PPC Case Study

WAM spent $10,000 to drive traffic to their website leading to a purchase (first click, middle click, last click) and generating nearly $60,000 in revenue

The campaign is on-going and has translated to vast improvements over the previous years traffic and revenue.

A SEO and PPC Case Study

Triangle Direct Media partnered with the Express eCommerce team to solve technical SEO problems and review the current digital ad spend

This dynamic partnership set the stage for extraordinary organic search revenue increases and PPC ad spend savings reached nearly $1 million.

An Organic Search and Data Markup Case Study

Organic Search And Data Markup Redesign along with upgraded checkout page leads to sales increase.

20% Revenue growth year-over-year while guiding shoppers to over 26,000+ items.

A PPC and Shopify Case Study

After a few quick discussions about how we could help, we hit the ground running.

After Some Troubleshooting And Cleaning Up Some Data, Our Team Began The Process Of Creating New Shopping Campaigns. The Results Were Almost Instantaneous.