SEO & PPC Case Study-86% Increase in Revenue Compared to Previous Year

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Challenge: Improve eCommerce salesResults: +86% revenue compared to the prior year

In late 2019, Triangle Direct Media (TDM) began working with the client to develop new, effective SEO and PPC strategies. While the client’s product offerings are top-notch, they were underperforming in online sales. Our SEO Analysts worked with the client to pinpoint relevant search phrases to bolster their visibility in organic searches. Our customized campaign increased organic traffic by 48%. Compared to the prior year, we also increased the client’s year-over-year (YOY) revenue by +86%!

seo - ppc results

Organic Traffic and Revenue Results

TDM Results (Oct. 28th, 2019 – Oct. 19th, 2020):
Organic Traffic: 95,895
Organic Revenue: $1,808,751.54*
*Prior to TDM, client’s revenue 2019 was $892,630.13.


Percentage Increases for Visitor Impressions, Click-Through-Ratio (CTR), and Visitor Clicks

TDM Results (Oct. 28th, 2019 – Oct. 19th, 2020):
Impressions: 157,698 (Increase of 1.4%)
CTR: 1.58% (Increase of 61%)
Clicks: 2,488 (Increase of 63.3%)


In just one month, our close attention and proactive optimization of the client’s account led to a powerful 30 days of revenue.

Recent Results Within the Last 30 Days

TDM Results (Sept. 30th, 2020 – Oct. 28th, 2020):
Visitor Sessions: 5,600
Conversion Rate: 8%
Revenue: $94,210

We also provided the client with our expert PPC services. Their specific goal was to maintain an 8+ ROAS. Our paid search team got to work creating targeted ads to direct more traffic to the client’s website. Setting the client up with Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads, our PPC team earned the following results:

PPC Results from March 1st, 2020 to Aug. 31st, 2020

results PPC

PPC Campaign Results

Ad Spend: $177,416.45
ROAS: 14.07*
Revenue: $2,497,650.09
*The client’s goal was to maintain a ROAS of 8+.

PPC Results Breakdown

results ppc

Comparison of 2020 Results Against 2019 Data

Our PPC team’s 2020 results in comparison to the same time frame of the prior year (March 1st, 2019 to August 31st, 2019). While the client wanted to maintain an 8+ ROAS, our custom campaign earned a 14.07 ROAS! Through calculated strategy with the client’s budget in mind, our paid search experts increased revenue by 127.51% in comparison to 2019.

How has your company’s performance been this year? Not seeing the revenue or traffic that you once had? Our SEO and paid search experts can help! With a dedicated SEO Analyst and PPC Account Manager, your account with being regularly monitored and optimized for success. TDM is here to help your business grow via calculated and sustainable strategies.

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