SEO Case Study-Increase in rankings, traffic and sales

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Goals: Increase rankings, drive more traffic and sales to the website. Business was good but could be better.

Laurel Crown sells beautiful handcrafted furniture and was looking to grow their business. It was imperative that they not only improve their rankings but that rankings targeted the correct audience to generate qualified leads to increase sales.

SEO successAntique reproduction furniture is a niche business with a niche clientele; each qualified visitor is highly-valuable to the client. We set out to help bring in more qualified buying visitors looking for their exact products displayed on

A client now for over 3 years because of continued results:

  • Improved current rankings for search phrases that were yielding the strongest results
  • Increased and added high rankings for search phrases that they were not ranked for
  • Proactive SEO implementation to make sure this trend continued
  • Positive performance increases directed the SEO efforts to focus on what was important to their business
organic rankings

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