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A  leading online fashion accessory wholesaler that markets handbags, gifts, jewelry, watches and religious gift products.

The First 90 Days of Revenue

May 2017 – July 2017

Fashion accessory wholesaler case study:

Started a PPC Campaign in May 2017. Their main goal was to increase revenue in a channel which had to date, not proven successful.

The first 30 days they were spending roughly the same on paid ads as they were making in revenue from their current paid advertising campaign, which had a $10,000 ad spend budget — generating $10,000 in revenue.

After reviewing our client’s current campaign, Triangle Direct Media made data-driven changes and within 30 days, their revenue nearly doubled while their ad spend stayed the same.

60 days into the campaign and after reviewing analytics, changes were made to further improvements. Client spend was $10,000 to make $35,000. Assisted conversion value was also up 59% respectively over the same time period, increasing from $27,000 to $44,000 and last click conversion value increased 82% from $8,000 to $15,000.

Summary: Spent $10,000 to drive traffic to their website leading to a purchase (first click, middle click, last click) and generating nearly $60,000 in revenue within 90 days of working with Triangle Direct Media’s PPC campaign management team. The future is looking very bright for this customer to increase revenue in the coming months.

This client’s success and increase in revenue took off from their paid search campaign, the results were accelerated due to the success of their SEO campaign increasing organic traffic and leads. This translated to vast improvements over the previous years traffic and revenue. The revenue alone increased 256% from the previous year.

New Users 12% | ecomm conversion rate 79% | transactions 106% | Revenue 256%


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Everything listed is included in our paid ad management service. To learn more about pricing and ad-spend requirements please contact us at 919.228.2475 or schedule a time to review your PPC account for areas of improvement.Custom solutions available upon request.

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