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Shopify powers over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide and one of the fast-growing all-in-one commerce platforms for businesses. Need help with a website migration? We can take of that for you.

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Our Shopify experts are ready to help grow your business.

TDM an, INC 500 | INC 5000 honoree, has been optimizing websites since 2006. Over the past 7 years, TDM has worked with many companies that utilize the Shopify platform. With the rapid growth of the Shopify platform, it made sense for us to dig in and learn everything we could about the platform to help our clients gain tremendous results.

Over the last 7 years, through trial and error, we have helped hundreds of companies in their respective niches with their Shopify SEO (Read Shopify Case Studies). Our developers have established a transparent process and have built tools to help our Shopify customers gain a clear advantage when optimizing their website.

Our Shopify Process

  • Business questionnaire. We want to learn everything possible about your business immediately after you become a client. Your first call will be to go over the answers to our questions in detail.
  • Once business objectives have been answered, our audit process starts — technical, content, and linkage.
  • Customized SEO Blueprint. Your SEO engineer will then detail you on all the audit findings and provide you with how we intend to proceed with the following months regarding your campaign.
  • The Shopify 23 step technical SEO process. All of our clients on the Shopify platform benefit from our in-house technology and our 23 known out of the box SEO issues that we can identify quickly and fix for fast results.
  • Team of many talents. Your team members will consist of a dedicated SEO Engineer, Web Developer/Programmer, Content Manager, Content Writer and Project Administrator. WE have found that SEO consists of many different levels of talent. Our teams supply all of our clients with one of the highest standards of expertise available.
  • Reporting – Our Shopify SEO clients receive monthly reporting on all crucial aspects of your business.
  • Consulting and campaign status calls. We are always in touch with our clients, letting them what we’re doing, why, and what the results are. We are also available to talk about any questions you may have on these monthly calls.
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Shopify SEO Success Case Study

Custom SEO campaign for swimwear company kickstarts their seasonal sales. Our strategic plan to increase link value resulted in an increase of +410 TOP 20 RANKINGS!

Read The Case Study

Why choose us for your Shopify SEO?

TDM has a vast knowledge of the Shopify Platform, and our Shopify experts know what to change and what to leave as-is to fix issues faster than almost every other agency in the space.

  • Proprietary Shopify SEO Analysis tool that identifies the presence of 23 known SEO issues specific to Shopify.
  • Significant experience optimizing Shopify templates for SEO and website performance improvements.
  • Experience with the most popular Shopify apps and their limitations of performance.
  • Extensive work in managing redirects in bulk within the Shopify platform.
  • Best practices protocols for fixing orphaned product pages
  • Baked-in template changes in a way that continually creates fresh content for the Googlebot
  • Switch without a loss in rankings when migrating from another platform or to an SSL.
  • Our custom rulebook for fixing and what to leave as-is to ensure optimal performance.
  • Code corrections to eliminate algorithmic penalties on site.


We look forward to answering your Shopify SEO services questions. Feel free to reach out today at 919-228-2475 or contact us below for more information. We look forward to working with you!

Talk With Our Shopify SEO Experts- Average call time is less than 40 minutes. We will discuss a strategy to improve your rankings and how to beat your competition SERPs.