Custom SEO Campaign For Swimwear Company Kickstarts The Heart Of Their Seasonal Sales.

rankings increase



Top 20 Rankings

Our strategic plan to increase link value resulted in an increase of +410 TOP 20 RANKINGS!
  • The client is well positioned on their requested URLs during their busy time of year.
  • The creation of high-value links impacts the whole site as well as the individual pages being targeted.
  • By pinpointing structural SEO issues, our developers were able to help facilitate fixes that helped increase rankings in the SERPs.
+225% Increase in Referral Traffic (3-month period YoY comparison)+35% Increase in Organic Search Conversions YoY (3-month period YoY comparison)+155% Increase in Organic Search Revenue YoY (3-month period YoY comparison)

da improvement


Increase in Referral Traffic


% Increase in Organic Search Conversions YoY


155% Increase in Organic Search Revenue YoY

Target Link Pages Results

lr chart

Targeted SEO focus on specific pages increased revenue and conversion value of profit center products.


Loss of traffic and slow sales at the start of the swimwear season compared to the previous year. They also had specific needs garnered around two internal URLs they needed help on.

Research and Findings

  1. While  their website had a high domain authority and solid links, the reference pages show very low link value.
  2. Their competition overall was doing a much better job with their linking campaigns.
  3. Google Business Profile was not being strategically updated.
  4. Content Strategy not focused and optimized
  5. Poor internal linking strategy.


    1. Build quality links from high authority and space appropriate sites to the pages referenced with authoritative content.
    2. Strategic and optimized use of  Google Business Profile to promote products.
    3. Generate an entire site inventory to assess low-link value content and remove out-of-stock products.
    4. Strengthen internal linking score by removing broken links and securing mixed content.
    5. Regularly SEO Audit the site to identify other errors, prioritize technical SEO tasks, and then implement fixes, always improving the technical SEO condition of the website.

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