PPC Case StudyTactical Supplies and Distributor

Developed in 2006, this company began as a specialized distributor of high-end tactical equipment for such vendors as London Bridge Trading, Arc'teryx, and Kuhl. Through years of dedication and development, the company has grown and has recently begun to expand into the retail market due to popular demand.

75 Day Revenue Comparison

October 15, 2016 – December 31, 2016

Spend: $42,052
Revenue: $186,961
ROAS: 444.59%

ppc chart 1

July 28, 2016 – October 14, 2016
Spend: $15,189.33
Revenue: $43,281.41
ROAS: 284.95%

ppc chart

PPC and Shopify Stores

Unknowing to most Shopify users, the free Google Shopping app gives eCommerce store owners very little control over the data and how it is submitted to Google for Google Shopping.

TDM begins PPC Management Partnership

ppc chart

Key Problems:

  1. Default Shopify Google Shopping app:
    The default free app limits control considerably from an advertising standpoint. By implementing a new app and having more control over the information being submitted via the feed, we were able to achieve massive success.
  2. Total lack of best practices
  3. Zero re-marketing
  4. No segmentation of search queries for Google Shopping campaigns
  5. Extremely limited Paid Search campaigns

Originally an SEO client and through discussions about their current PPC account management with another competitor in the PPC marketplace we found room for improvements. After a few quick more discussions about how we could help, we hit the ground running. Since their site uses Shopify, they had been using the default Google Shopping app via the Shopify marketplace.

Unfortunately for them, and other unknowing Shopify users, the free Google Shopping app gives you very little control over the data you submit to Google for Google Shopping. Our team quickly identified this fundamental issue with how the app works and immediately started vetting other possible options. Once we found a suitable replacement, we worked directly with their in-house team to begin the setup process which took less than 24 hours. Once complete, we submitted the new feed and immediately had 20 times the number of products submitted to Google Merchant Center. This created a HUGE opportunity for testing which we quickly capitalized on for our client.

After some normal troubleshooting and cleaning up some data, our team began the process of creating new shopping campaigns. The results were almost instantaneous...

ppc improvement

After troubleshooting and data clean up, TDM began creating new shopping campaigns. Traffic to the site increased exponentially, as illustrated below.

ppc strategy

We weren’t out of the woods yet. With only a few days of actionable data at our disposal and the biggest shopping season looming, our collective efforts were focused on ensuring the client’s budget was strategically leveraged to maximize ROI. Generally at this early stage of launching a new account we would begin deploying many different Paid Search campaigns for A-B testing purposes, however with the limited time and budget, we ran analytics and segmented out poor performing accounts and focused on Google Shopping.

The results for November 2016 – Extraordinary.
Spend: $14,282
Revenue: $77,461
ROAS: 542.37%

In December, we built out new paid search campaigns in an effort to test opportunities. During this time, we increased the monthly budget to $20,000. This allowed us to test additional concepts and increase the Shopping campaigns. Surprisingly, December did extremely well considering the historically low sales retailers experience the week between Dec. 25 and Jan. 1.