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Can you answer these questions in regards to your current link portfolio?

What links are working in your favor?What links are not counting vs. counting?What links have a high spam score?What percentage of your links are foreign?What percentage of your links are content/journalistic oriented?What amount of links coming back have a higher Domain Authority (DA) than your website?

There are plenty more questions you need to ask yourself in regard to your link portfolio. These are just some of the questions you need to answer to stay on top of the SERPs. Domain Authority (DA) is important as it measures trust and the likelihood for your site to rank better overall in the major search engines.

How do you get started with improving your Domain Authority?

Get more high-authority links

Even if Google says DA isn't a ranking factor, high-value links are a good thing to have.

Get rid of spammy links

DA score will be impacted by low-value websites, you do not want "bad links".

Locate links that will drive traffic

Get links from legitimate sites with real traffic that will increase your DA.

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