Google Adwords & Bing Ads Case Study

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ppc bing case study

Owner/CEO Mike Roozen:

“After managing a massive Google Adwords account for many years, I found the analytics to be getting more complex over time and turned to TDM in 2017. They have since managed AdWords and Bing ads for me in a highly effective manner, staying within budget and delivering incredible results.”

“With TDM adding all our products to Google Shopping and Bing, all within budget, we experienced a 34% sales growth from 2017 to 2018. We are poised to have an even bigger year in 2019. Conversion rates have more than doubled, and our market share has improved tremendously.”

Summary: Rubber Stamp Champ currently provides rubber stamps and related products to over half a million customers. From their facility in San Marcos, California they make and ship thousands of custom and non-custom marking products to individuals, businesses, government, and military customers throughout the United States as well as globally.

Adwords Performance Data

google bing ppc
adwords performance

2017 AdWords Data
Spend: $156,430.86
Revenue: $228,606.11
Conversion Rate: 6.53%

2018 AdWords Data
Spend: $294,226.32
Revenue: $815,182.18
Conversion Rate: 10.39%



ppc campaign increase
ppc campaign

We began managing this account in late 2017, by the time we built out new campaigns and optimized them properly, they were seeing great results compared to when they were previously managing the account.

We were able to significantly improve the conversion rate due to:

  • Improved Site Performance
  • Creative Marketing Ideas
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • New Ads & Improved Quality Scores
  • Customized Remarketing Audiences
  • Continual & Consistent Data Optimization
  • New Shopping Campaigns

Bing Performance Data

bing ppc
Spend: $131,659.45  |  Revenue: $347,226.26  |  Conversion Rate: 14.31%

Once we established success with google ads, we copied everything over to Bing ads.

  • We made some adjustments to start, but we knew this would be a good fit based on the demographic/target market data we had collected to this point.
  • We saw very high conversion rates right away, and results continued to improve throughout the year because of continuous optimization done on our end.
  • With a conversion rate over 14% for the year, the client was extremely happy with the results.

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