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Revolutionize Your Business with Local Search Campaigns

In the dynamic arena of Local Search, navigating complexities can yield significant gains. Since 2006, Triangle Direct Media (TDM) has been creating Local Search Campaigns to generate impactful leads and revenue for diverse businesses.

How We Excel: Website As Your First Impression: Your website represents your business identity. TDM’s web development team specializes in creating a digital presence that authentically portrays your brand, resonating powerfully within your local community.

Content Development: Foundation of Digital Presence
Upon establishing your website’s framework, we concentrate on generating content. Essential for both visitor engagement and search engine indexing, our content range covers:

  • Website Content
  • Blogging
  • Articles/White Papers
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Our skilled content creators are dedicated to supporting your online goals.
  • Mastering Google Local Search & Google Business Profile Optimization

Local SEO & Google Business Profile: Integral to our strategy, especially in refining your digital footprint. Understanding Google’s intricate algorithms and Local SEO tactics can be challenging. That’s where TDM’s experience, grounded in SEO and equipped with tools like SEOTool, becomes your asset. We focus on:

Google Business Profile Optimization: Elevating your profile for better visibility and customer interaction.

Tag Creation: Formulating tags that Google loves.

Citation Building (NAP): Generating broad and niche-specific citations for dominating local markets.

Keyword Strategy: Pinpointing and optimizing for industry-centric search terms.

City-Specific Pages: Enhancing SEO across multiple operational cities.

Review Management: Strategies for obtaining and utilizing reviews effectively.

Technical SEO: Ensuring Google guideline compliance, effective schema markup, and mobile site optimization.

Google Local Search

Our comprehensive Local SEO approach ensures building a strong base for your Local Search endeavors.

Paid Search Advertising: Tailored for Local Impact

Targeted paid search strategies ensure efficient use of your advertising budget, significantly influencing your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We provide:

  • Google Platforms (Google Guarantee, Google Ads, Google Shopping)
  • Bing (Bing Ads, Bing Shopping)
  • Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn Ads)
  • Localized Advertising Networks

Our Paid Search Analysts possess extensive knowledge in guiding local businesses on the most suitable platforms. Recognizing that not every channel suits every business, we formulate personalized strategies to optimize your investment. TDM commits to exclusive partnerships, working with only one client per niche in each geographical area for undivided attention and unique strategy crafting.

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Paid Search Advertising for Local Businesses

Paid search can become very costly if not done correctly. Knowing where to spend your advertising dollars can make a huge difference on your ROA’s, wasted spend vs valued spend. What are some of the best local options available?

  1. Google: Google Guarantee, Google Ads and Google Shopping
  2. Bing: Bing Ads and Bing Shopping
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. Instagram Ads
  5. Pinterest Ads
  6. Linkedin Ads
  7. Other Local Advertising networks

Triangle Direct Media’s Paid Search Analysts have extensive experience helping many local businesses advertise on all platforms. Not all businesses are perfect to advertise on every platform but we will come up with a plan that will help your company on the platforms that make the most sense. Triangle Direct Media works with one client, per niche in one geographical area at a time.
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New York, NY

New York Digital Marketing AgencySEO and PPC Management


Chicago, IL

Chicago Digital Marketing Agency SEO and PPC Management


Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Digital Marketing Agency SEO and PPC Management


San Antonio, TX


Dallas, TX

Dallas Digital Marketing Agency SEO and PPC Management


Austin, TX

Austin Digital Marketing Agency SEO and PPC Management


Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency SEO and PPC Management


Houston, TX

Houston TX Digital Marketing Agency SEO and PPC Management


Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Web Design, SEO and PPC Management


San Diego, CA

San Diego Digital Marketing Agency SEO and PPC Management


San Jose, CA

San Jose Digital Marketing Agency SEO and PPC Management


Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL Paid Search Specialists and Digital Marketing

Our local SEO & PPC services are available in:

Atlanta SEO
Austin web design, SEO & PPC
Baltimore web design, SEO & PPC
Boston web design, SEO & PPC
Buckhead SEO
Chapel Hill SEO & PPC
Charleston SEO
Chicago SEO & PPC
Cincinnati SEO & PPC
Colorado Springs SEO & PPC
Dallas web design, SEO & PPC
Denver SEO & PPC
Detroit SEO & PPC
Durham SEO & PPC
Fort Worth SEO & PPC
Grand Rapids SEO & PPC
Greenville SEO
Honolulu web design, SEO & PPC
Houston SEO & PPC
Indianapolis SEO & PPC
Kansas City SEO & PPC
Las Vegas SEO & PPC
Los Angeles SEO & PPC
Louisville SEO & PPC

Madison SEO & PPC
Miami SEO & PPC
Milwaukee SEO & PPC
Nashville web design, SEO & PPC
Nebraska SEO & PPC
New Orleans SEO & PPC
New York SEO & PPC
North Carolina SEO & PPC
Oklahoma City web design, SEO & PPC
Orlando SEO & PPC
Phoenix web design, SEO & PPC
Portland SEO & PPC
Raleigh SEO & PPC
Salt Lake City SEO & PPC
San Diego web design, SEO & PPC
San Francisco web design, SEO & PPC
San Jose SEO & PPC
Savannah SEO & PPC
Scottsdale SEO & PPC
Seattle web design, SEO & PPC
Spokane SEO & PPC
Tacoma SEO & PPC
Tampa SEO & PPC
Tulsa web design, SEO & PPC
Virginia Beach web design, SEO & PPC

TDM Local Search had been tasked with increasing EGH’s online presence. “Our firm simply did not have the web presence that we needed as we worked to establish a new domain name and a new website. After only a few months of utilizing TDM’s services, we were ranked on Google for keywords that are important to our practice and our internet traffic and inquiries increased. TDM has already put us in contact with new, quality clients, and it is an important part of our marketing plan moving forward…

James Hash, attorney at Everett Gaskins Hancock LLP (EGH)