Shopify Site Migration

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Goals: Site Migration Clean up and Consulting –
Fix site migration from Spark to Shopify gone wrong.

Client migrated from another eCommerce platform to Shopify. Proper steps were not taken in the migration process causing rankings too plummet. Triangle Direct Media (TDM) was brought in to help fix the botched migration and take this time to fix the many SEO technical issues that existed on the website as well.


  • Clean up Site Migration Gone Wrong
  • Improve their online footprint as compared to competitors
  • Bring rankings back up to levels pre-platform change
  • Improve rankings ongoing
  • Focus on some of the most competitive industry revenue driving keywords

A long-term client because of continued results:

  • Increased rankings over all search engines.
  • Dramatic increase in traffic and sales.
  • Total SEO site optimization = increased results allowing laser focus on rankings for revenue generating eCommerce keywords.
shopify site migration
shopify migration

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