Case Study for Express

exp case

For more than 35 years, Express has been a fashion-forward retailer of apparel and accessories for women and men. This publicly traded company has a global reach through their online sales and 650 retail stores. STOCK QUOTE: EXPR

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Triangle Direct Media partnered with the Express eCommerce team to solve technical SEO problems and review the current ad spend on pay-per-click (PPC) and product listing ads (PLA) campaigns. This dynamic partnership set the stage for extraordinary organic search revenue increases and PPC ad spend savings reached nearly $1 million.

Task Summary

  • Adobe Experience Manage (AEM) integration and template optimization
  • Prioritized redirect implementation to lift in organic search results
  • Mobile Navigation Optimization
  • PLP Content Restructuring
  • PDP Optimization
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis Resulted in nearly $1 million in Savings
  • Year-long SEO and Digital Marketing Campaign Generated an Additional $24 million in Revenue
  • Collaborated with Express’s Creative Team to Develop and Launch Corporate Blog

Revenue Increases - Transaction Data

The following percentages represent the results of the changes implemented by Express during their partnership with TDM. Our goal for Express was to increase revenue from organic search traffic while keeping costs associated with paid search down.

December 2015 – December 2016

54%major search engine

Google. A 54% increase in revenue from natural search (non-paid) within Google.

231%bing search

Bing is #2 search engine used in the world and we produced a 231% increase in revenue from natural search (non-paid).


Yes, people still use Yahoo. We increased revenue 24% from natural search (non-paid) using Yahoo search.

edit b

TDM collaborated with the Express eCommerce creative team to conceptualize and implement a new corporate blog. The goal was to establish a look and feel that reflected the lifestyle and interests of the Express target audience. The end result? A destination lifestyle website, called ‘the Edit’.