“We had our best year ever after working with TDM. We were hesitant at first, but the speed at which they exceeded our expectations was incredibly refreshing and we are more than thankful for their efforts. We’re looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship.”
Todd Askins – Ecommerce Director @ Tactical Distributors – 

“We’re an incredibly small team, so having Triangle Direct Media (TDM) manage my PPC campaign allows me to focus on other eCommerce and business needs that are more suited to my strengths. They have a proven track record of being solid stewards of my program, funds and returns”
NRS  J.M. –

Listen to a short audio excerpt from ‘My Digital Story Podcast’ describing working with TDM and recent business growth.

New Case Studies Added!

“My initial experience with Triangle Direct Media (TDM) came in 2013. A Google reorganization had cut our huge number of free page one listing in half and I was looking for a way to get them back. TDM set me up with a professional level corporate blog and taught me how to use it, 2500 posts later I am still using it daily as an effective tool in gaining market share free.

TDM also helped immensely in regaining many free positions with their SEO work on our site.

Subsequently, after creating in 2001, and managing a massive Google Adwords account for many years, I found the analytics to be getting more complex all the time, and turned to TDM in 2015, and they have since managed Adwords for me in a highly effective manner, keeping the budget down and the results have been incredible!

With TDM adding all our products as well to Google Shopping and Bing, all within budget, we experienced a 34% sales growth from 2017 to 2018 and are poised to have an even bigger year in 2019. Conversion rates are almost 15% and our market share has improved tremendously.

Additionally, I like working with all TDM employees as they are friendly, super knowledgeable, flexible, accurate, consistent, and just an excellent supplier all around. Very highly recommended.”
eCommerce Office Supply Store  Mike R. January 2019

“Your department is a key asset for me to leverage to increase that turnover, so effective immediately I am raising our monthly spend …”
Premier Table Linens – 

“Best experience we’ve ever had and we’ve used 10 or 12 seo’s in the past– so we are very happy with the service”
Steven Roper – Wholesale Accessory Market – 

“Hello Triangle Direct Team!
We just wanted to share a message of thanks for all that you do to make our brand shine on google. We are very appreciative of the time, effort and energy with which you do your work and the care you take with our brand. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to work with you and your talented team and look forward to all that lies ahead. Wishing you each a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families.”
eCommerce Jewelry Client – 

“I have good news – I have completed contract and I am emailing it back (you should have it by now). Please keep up the good work – we appreciate what you have been able to achieve!”
Large Business to Business Association

“TDM’s Site audit was the puzzle piece I was missing. I had no idea my site had so much room for improvement. They were very thorough and provided detailed solutions. Priceless!!!”
Cesar, President
Cesar, President
Online Insurance Retailer

“Combining TDM’s Blog Marketing and SEO Services has been tremendously effective for improved natural search results, driving more traffic to our sites, and converting those prospects to clients.”
Online Clothing Retailer

tdm parnter

“Trying to find an honest Online Marketing Company is hard to find in today’s world. TDM set forth a unique campaign with a mixture of Social Media and SEO components that not only helped us rank for our most competitive terms online but helped increase buzz and awareness for our websites and brand. I would recommend them to anyone!”
Large Business to Business Association
Internet Retailer Top 200 Company, Pet Products

“I am writing to thank Triangle Direct Media and you for the awesome job that you did in helping us. The results have been terrific. I would highly recommend your service to anyone who is serious about increasing their business. I look forward to working with you and the Triangle Team again, thank you.”
Online Office Furniture Retailer

“Our SEO needs were more of a technical nature. We had specific issues that required in-depth analysis to answer. TDM did a great job of putting together a plan that would help us bring our site optimization to the next level. The SEO audit was very thorough in its explanations, and it left us with a clear, prioritized list of action items that we needed to take. Their SEO experts were very helpful throughout the process.”
Shane, SEM Manager
Internet Retailer Top 500 Company, Home Improvement

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