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Planning Your 2022 Digital Marketing Strategy

You now have far more opportunities to show up on the first page. If most consumers don’t go to the second page, especially on a mobile device, this gives you a huge opportunity to gain more visitors.

What is Google showing with continuous scrolling?

Continuous scrolling is shaking the SEO mobile landscape. Why?

Instead of the “see more” button after the first 10 results, Google shows up to 40 results. So you now have a chance for more clicks, visitors, and revenue.
Mobile SEO/PPC and what changes are coming? This is a common question we get every day. If 60% of your traffic is coming via mobile, keep reading.

Do a search on a mobile device for keywords you want to be found for, locate your results, and then ask yourself the following?
Do I show up in Ads?
Do I show up in Shopping?
Do I show up via Organic?
Do ads/shopping make profitability sense for that phrase?
Do I have inventory issues for that keyword/phrase
How’s my landing page for that phrase/keyword?
Does the page need more content?
Is there a clear call to action?
What is my follow-up?
What are my competitors doing?
These are all common questions we answer every single day. The point is to make sure you’re bidding on keywords that make sense vs. efforts toward SEO initiatives.

What is hot for 2022 that can impact your revenue?
Mobile ads
Link Building
Site speed
How can TDM help?

Every year, our department teams gather as the year ends to divulge all successes, what to look for, and changes coming in the new year. We are incredibly excited about 2022 and what we can do for our current clients and future ones.

Will you be a client success we talk about at the end of 2022?
Let’s start with an exploratory call- Call us! 919.228.2475 or fill out a short contact form, and one of our digital marketing strategy specialists will reach out to set up a time to speak with you, and we promise not to ask you to have a “virtual coffee” with us.

“We’re an incredibly small team, so having Triangle Direct Media (TDM) manage my PPC campaign allows me to focus on other eCommerce and business needs that are more suited to my strengths. They have a proven track record of being solid stewards of my program, funds, and returns”– NRS -

Listen to a short audio excerpt from 'My Digital Story Podcast' describing working with TDM and recent business growth.