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What is included in a linking campaign?

You will get a high-quality backlink campaign created by our SEO experts and linking strategists with over 15 years experience. We identify the backlink types, anchor text, and links for your website. We create a hands-off, effective backlink strategy that you can monitor and see the results. Less-work, more results.

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We Place Our Links On Sites That Get Real Traffic.

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All Links Are On Reputable Web Sites.

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Custom Campaigns To Fit Your Budget.

Link Building FAQ

How are the links acquired?

All links are acquired through genuine outreach and placed by the owner of the website.

How long are your links active?

All link placements are guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year.

Can my links be changed to no-follow or removed?

Contact us and we will have your link updated or establish a new one for you at no cost on a website of comparable DR.

Is additional tracking and analytics available for my links?

Yes, this can be discussed during your linking strategy consultation.

Can I pick the anchor text for each link?

When we connect a client's website with trusted backlinks, this is always our top concern. It will be determined by the site's owner and how they present their material to readers in some instances. As a consequence, we will notify you before that link goes live in order to assist you to locate the best text replacement for yourself.

Why is linking so important for your website?

Google’s PageRank Algorithm changed the ranking system for websites in 1998. It became the original algorithm that Google used to calculate the importance of a web page and rankings. Instead of simply examining a webpage’s text, Google examined how many sites link to your site and how “authoritative” the sites linking to yours are in the rankings. The authority of the page referring to you is more important than any other aspect. That’s because links from reputable sites lend your site more authority (also known as PageRank).

Fast forward 20+ years and links are still and even more critical than before. Google analyzes websites based on links, the quality of those links, and the “importance” of the content to users.

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Chart from -The lower the rank, the more effect a link has

According to a recent survey that consisted of a small data set, pages ranking on the second or higher ranks of SERPs, showed more increase as compared to links already on the first page of the SERPs. The second page and higher saw rankings take off after only 8–9 weeks.

Typical outcomes take you anywhere from 6 months to a year to start seeing notable effects from your link-building efforts.

We have been involved in SEO for 15+ years and emphasize that SEO is a long-term investment. Yes, achieving those outcomes will take some time seeing your rankings rise and move to the right is worth it. The money you spend now is going to continually pay off as you move above the competition in the rankings.

Link Building Overview

Links coming in from high authority domains will, in turn, help with your overall domain authority. If you analyze backlinks as much as we do, the one common trend is your competition is outranking you because the links coming back to their site have an overall higher domain authority than what’s linking back to yours. No secret here!

What separates a good link from a bad one and how you can improve your link strategy.

Let’s start with the basics

What is a Link? Link is any result appearing below the first page of Google search results, separated from number one by at least one other result. The more links are ranking beneath your website, the better position you have on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Not all links are created equal, a higher domain authority (DA) means Google values that link more.

What Does Domain Authority Mean?

The higher your domain authority, the more trustworthy you are in Google’s eyes. The DA represents how well-respected your website is among its peers. If someone links to you, it means that this particular webmaster trusts your content enough to recommend it to his readers. A good metric for gauging your

How do high-quality links and content play a part in better rankings?

Marketers recognize that web links are considered “votes” on the internet. Google and other search engines evaluate these votes to rank websites in search results. The higher number of “votes” a page has, the higher its probability of ranking in search results.

A well-thought-out content and link-building strategy may be the missing piece to help your business grow into 2022.

Link Building & Content Strategy Creation

The content we create helps increase search engine rankings and persuade readers to take action. Our staff of TDM SEO Copywriters utilizes their knowledge of how major search engines like Google prioritizes words, phrases, and long-tail keywords to help rank your content above the competition.

content strategy
  • We employ SEO best practices in terms of length of titles, keywords, and branding
  • Create an editorial calendar to ensure routine addition of new content to your website to feed Google fresh new SEO content
  • We create valuable and unique content for your audience
  • Funnel clients and customers to your website
  • Compel readers to share and promote on social media channels
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