cost per click 2021

Quick tips to lower cost per click on Google, Facebook, and Instagram

Cost per Click (CPC) is the price you pay to Google and the other search engines when someone clicks on your ad. It indicates how much each click on your advertisements costs. It’s one of the fundamental metrics for measuring the costs of your paid search campaigns.

The CPC is usually determined by bidding on competitive keywords and deciding how much your ad campaign expenditure levels will vary based on the phrases selected. The “bidding” competition determines the price of each click.

CPC numbers

The higher the bid, the more generic a keyword is. The higher the bid on a term, the greater its competitiveness and demand. On the other hand, Long Tail Keywords are specific keywords with low search volume, meaning that they are not prone to high volume search queries and hence do not waste your ad spend. Ad spend focused on Long Tail Keywords offers a better quality score for those on a budget and a more cost-effective short-term solution.

long tail keywords

How to lower your CPC in Google Search ads:

  • Invest time into keyword research and not the price.
  • Improve your creatives and optimize landing pages
  • The average CPC for Google Search ads across industries is $2.33

CPC in Google Display ads:

  • Leverage exclusions
  • Always good to monitor and evaluate your bidding
  • A/B testing to see which ads are working with your target audience

CPC in Google Shopping ads:

  • Negative keyword lists are a must include
  • Product feed optimization

Let’s look at lowering your CPC within Facebook and Instagram ads:

  • Research which campaign is suitable for your ad: Reach, Impressions, Traffic, Brand Awareness, Video
  • Optimize ads to run a schedule; when are your followers online?
  • Look to increase engagement with creative copy and imagery that is shareable.

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