continuous scrolling on google

What does Google’s infinite (continuous) scroll on mobile mean for SEO?

Google announced that continuous scroll will now be available in search results for mobile users. Instead of seeing a “See More” button after approximately 10 results, searchers will be able to scroll through roughly four pages of search results before seeing the “See More” link.

When will it be available? This has been in the works for a while and you should start seeing the change now.

To be clear the first page of Google will stretch out to four times its previous length worldwide.

How will this impact SEO? Will searchers look beyond what was previously the first page of results?

This may (or may not) entice searchers to look beyond the first few results and scroll down more. Will this will make your content and linking campaigns more valuable rolling into 2022, YES. The pages you index even with lower-tier keywords now have a better chance of being revealed when scrolling through on mobile. This will make all the time and effort expended on link building and content campaigns all worth it.

As you know, gaining a higher ranking on search engines like Google is dependent upon demonstrating that your website contains the knowledge, authority, and trustworthiness that customers look for. This is built through accumulating backlinks from other high domain authority (HDA) websites.

The impact of this is hard to predict, but there will be at least one noteworthy change: how it will affect your click-through rates (CTR) and Google search traffic. This should increase traffic on your site because CTRs for links that were previously ranked on page two or three may improve as a result of the greater exposure, this change may open the door to new techniques in ranking and traffic.

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