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A well-thought-out content and link-building strategy may be the missing piece to help your business grow into 2022.

Two critical areas that often come up with businesses are content creation ideas and ways to build links. Unfortunately, these two subjects have been the areas that most online companies struggle with because of a lack of strategy and resources. At TDM, we pride ourselves in creating content that converts and developing a sustainable link-building strategy to help with longevity.

Our Link Building Overview

  • The first step is to analyze your current link portfolio and strategy.
  • The second step is to analyze the overall Domain Authority of sites linking back to your website.
  • Third, our specialists will come up with a plan to recruit link opportunities from high Domain Authority sites representative of your niche or broad niche.
  • Fourth, Link worthy content is created and placed.

Links coming in from high authority domains will, in turn, help with your overall domain authority. If you analyze backlinks as much as we do, the one common trend is your competition is outranking you because the links coming back to their site have an overall higher domain authority than what’s linking back to yours. No secret here!

Content Creation

Another trend we often see with customers is that they don’t have enough content outside of manufacturer or distributor content to differentiate them from their competition. So why a competitor’s page is outperforming yours is to look at their content.

Is it unique? What’s the word count? Does it look like they spend a lot of time on it?

The content we create helps increase search engine rankings and persuade readers to take action. Our staff of TDM SEO Copywriters utilizes their knowledge of how major search engines like Google prioritizes words, phrases, and long-tail keywords to help rank your content above the competition.

linking for website ranks

Write content that will rank highly on Google and attract clicks.

  •  We employ SEO best practices in terms of length of titles, keywords, and branding.
  •  Create an editorial calendar to ensure routine addition of new content to your website to feed Google fresh new SEO content
  • We create valuable and unique content for your audience.
  • Funnel clients and customers to your website.
  • Compel readers to share and promote on social media channels.

A well-thought-out content and link-building strategy may be the missing piece to help your business grow into 2022.

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