end of rtas

In 2022, Google's Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) will become a thing of the past as Google pushes all advertisers to Responsive Search Ads (RSAs).

According to support.google.com

“Starting June 30, 2022, you’ll no longer be able to create or edit expanded text ads. Expanded text ads will continue to serve, and you’ll still see reports on their performance going forward.”

What Are Expanded Text Ads?

ETAs are a type of search ad available to use on Google Ads. The ads can be found on Google search engine results pages. Typically consists of room for three headlines, two descriptions, two path fields, and a URL taking the searcher to the landing page destination of the advertiser. Since their debut in 2016, ETAs have been the most popular search ad type for most marketers. However, they have been declining in popularity since early 2021, with Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) moving to the forefront of default search ad type.

How will ETAs change after June 30, 2022?

  • You won’t be able to create or modify ETAs in the Google Ads interface and Editor.
  • However, the ads will still serve and can be paused, removed, and reactivated.
  • You will still have access to them; usability will just be limited.

So, is this the end for Expanded Text Ads? Not really. Up until June 30, 2022, they can still be edited in the interface and created/edited in Editor. So the takeaway is to make sure your ETAs are set up correctly because their manageability will decrease drastically on the mentioned date.

How should you prepare for the removal of ETAs?

  • Repurpose your best performing content and focus on ad strength
  • Monitor account recommendations
  • Use your well-performing headlines and descriptions for your RSAs going forward
  • Scale and review ads by running multiple versions to track performance
  • Continually monitor conversions for different ad groups and make changes based on execution

If you haven’t yet included RSAs in their ad groups need to start today. ETAs are dying and have been declining for most advertisers; everything is moving towards responsive. Advertisers and your competitors with RSAs are already ahead of the game and will not have to scramble when the changes occur.

While RSAs are not new to Google, it shows the movement towards machine learning. Google has described RTAs as a way to “combine creativity with the power of machine learning to help you show more relevant ads to more people.” They have backed this up with statistics showing that RTAs have 7% more conversions at a similar cost per conversion. Coupled with RSAs ability to test content rapidly, this can speed up the learning process and help eliminate wasted ad spend on poor-performing ads.

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