tdm 15 yearsTriangle Direct Media, a leader in digital marketing, search engine optimization, and PPC management, recently celebrated its 15th anniversary. “We are extremely excited to be celebrating our 15th year in business,” said President Tony Feriozzi.

“We are not able to do this without our incredibly gifted employees who work tirelessly toward helping our fantastic clients reach new heights online.”

TDM initially started in 2006, helping small businesses with blog marketing. As demand and services shifted throughout the years, so did TDM. Backed by their proprietary SEO technology, SEOTool, TDM continues to provide eCommerce companies with the best of web services including, SEO, Paid Search Management and Web Development. Feriozzi stated, “Our clients have specific needs across many verticals, and we continue to come up with intuitive service offerings to help them reach their goals. The digital space is always changing and evolving, and I feel we do a great job changing with the times to adapt to what a client truly needs to be successful. I’m extremely optimistic about our future.”

TDM boasts over 20 employees, spanning offices in over three different states. “We are extremely thankful to our clients and our employees for making this anniversary possible,” said Feriozzi.


“We look forward to continuing to serve our valued customers for many years to come.”