Competition is increasing online, and sellers need to take the proper steps to ensure they are not ignoring the "SEO science" behind rankings and revenue.

The growth of eCommerce was expedited by the pandemic and shows no signs of slowing down any time in the future.

Competition is increasing online, and sellers need to take the proper steps to ensure they are not ignoring the “SEO science” behind rankings and revenue. Below is a list of eCommerce statistics and up-to-date resources.

Insightful eCommerce Stats

Below you will find links to some interesting trends and data regarding how eCommerce is fueling our changes in our economy.

  1. An estimated 2 billion people will make online purchases this year. (Oberlo)
  2. According to eCommerce predictions, online sales will increase by nearly 19% this year. (xSellco)
  3. 45% of small businesses in the US don’t have a website. (CNBC)
  4. With sales growing 16.9% year-over-year, Cyber Monday will continue to be the largest online shopping day in the US. In 2019, sales hit $9.2 billion. (Adobe)
  5. 73% of Americans are more likely to buy a product or service after watching an online video about it. (Animoto)
  6. According to a study of American Express customers, 60% prefer to have simple questions answered by apps or chat tools because of the faster response time. (American Express)
  7. 75% of consumers want brands to reduce packaging. (Nosto)
  8. Millennials and Gen Xers spend 50% more time shopping online than older generations. (BigCommerce)
  9. 43% of online shoppers have made a purchase from bed; 25% from a brick-and-mortar store and 23% from the office. (BigCommerce)
  10. It’s predicted that eCommerce will account for half of B2B revenue by 2025.

Customer experience eCommerce statistics

With the oncoming changes by Google and the Page Experience update, online sellers must invest and take action to keep up with consumer preferences.

    1. eCommerce is a top priority for 15% of customer experience leaders in 2020. (Adobe)
    2. 53% of Americans start their shopping journey online, even when they make a purchase in-store. (RetailMeNot, Inc.)
    3. For 73% of consumers, customer experience is an important factor in their purchasing decisions. (PwC)
    4. 67% say they’re more likely to make a purchase on a mobile-friendly site. (Think with Google)
    5. 61% of online sellers believe faster websites drive more conversions. (Yottaa)
    6. 86% of consumers say they’re likely to make another purchase from a brand that provides excellent customer service. (Experience Matters)
    7. 77% of consumers who’ve had an excellent customer experience are likely to recommend a brand. (Experience Matters)
    8. Personalized eCommerce customer experiences on-site or through marketing channels can boost revenue by 25%. (BCG)
    9. 61% of retailers say they will leverage headless commerce in 2020. (Yottaa)
    10. 61% of customers read online feedback before making a purchase. (eMarketer)

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