what is ppc advertising

PPC campaigns provide a wealth of data to measure, which means that you can improve your ads until they produce a positive ROI

Conducting PPC advertising is incredibly advantageous in a number of ways. It can be quite costly, but the benefits of PPC advertising and the ROI (return on investment) are numerous. PPC advertising has become so popular that it’s almost like second nature for many businesses online today. PPC ads are also commonly called pay-per-click ads because they aren’t on your site – you’re paying every time another visitor clicks on them or views them in their search engine results pages (SERPs).

The best PPC advertising campaigns have a goal of getting the customer to perform a valuable action, which might be anything from simply making a purchase to filling out a form or submitting an inquiry. PPC campaigns provide a wealth of data to measure, which means that you can improve your ads until they produce a positive ROI.

Reasons an effective PPC advertising can help your business thrive during 2021 and forget about the pandemic year of 2020.

  • PPC ads have a higher click-through rate than other platforms
  • PPC gives advertisers the opportunity to reach their customers at any time with their messages
  • Ads are laser targeted which means that you only pay for clicks on ads that are going to be relevant and perform well for your business.
  • PPC data helps in understanding the behavior of your PPC customers. You can then replicate this product or service for other PPC customers and grow your PPC revenue
  • PPC data also serves as a great tool for your keyword research. PPC keywords are usually specific making the task easier than doing it on any other platform
  • PPC data can help you find untapped markets by analyzing what people are searching for from the data collected
  • PPC ads will help you will get more cross-channel customer data that can be combined strategically to improve your campaigns further when combining with social media.
  • PPC advertising combined with analytics allows you to see how users interact with your campaign and target the people who didn’t convert through retargeting ad campaigns.

PPC advertising has been growing at an incredible rate, and for good reason. With all of the nuances and changes that happen on a regular basis, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date without getting overwhelmed. As a business owner, you may not want to invest in training your staff just yet – there are plenty of other more pressing business responsibilities that deserve attention first. Hiring professionals like Triangle Direct Media (TDM) who specialize in PPC is far easier than managing the process internally and will ensure your ads are live at optimal times and target specific segments of potential customers no matter what time they are shopping.

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