I am sure many of you are thinking about taking advantage of the new local results on Google by launching a local PPC campaign. Have you ever thought about it but were too afraid to try because you fear it would waste your ad budget? This article will share with you some tips that will help make your PPC campaign not only successful but can help ensure it is profitable too!

If you are thinking about launching a PPC campaign on Google for local results this article will be a helpful guide for planning and budget concerns.

Have A Goal For Your Local PPC Campaign

It’s not a secret that Search engines make a majority of their money by showing paid ads in search results. With that being said, it is understandable to want to take advantage of the new local results, but many businesses run into problems because they don’t know how to set up their goals properly or what metrics they should be tracking when setting up these campaigns. Without having a clear goal set before launching, there’s no way to tell if your campaign is a success.

You don’t have to compete on a national level to be successful. Find an area preferably one you are familiar with to target. Do your research and pick what you are going to target. This is very important in maximizing your PPC budget. You don’t want to blow through your ad spend competing with large companies that have endless dollars spends on PPC.

Competing in your niche is much easier and more cost-efficient. Let’s say you are a local plumber who services the area of Jacksonville, Florida. You know that there are hundreds of plumbing companies out there who offer the same service as you do but they may not be as localized as you are because after all, this is a local PPC campaign. So even though they might have larger budgets than you, being the local guy standing out from the rest can give you an advantage over them.

When setting up your goals for targeting click-through rates (CTR) and conversions need to be #1 on that list! If your goal is to get people to call or visit your website why wouldn’t CTR and conversion rate be the top of your metrics.

Do Your Keyword Research

Take a look at your best-performing keywords, what searches are giving you the most impressions on your website? How do we take advantage of this valuable information? Now that you have identified your best-performing keywords, try to incorporate them in the title and description of the ad so when people search for those terms that you rank for, they will be presented with your ad.

Be aware of something called “over-optimization”, you don’t want to impair your chances of success. If you feel like your ad copy isn’t working or not converting well then take a look at what people are searching for on search engines that lands them on pages where they find similar ads like yours. Then apply your research to see how those keywords can improve your ads.

Planning and keyword research is vital to having a successful local PPC campaign. Make sure you follow up on your goals if they are not being met. Most importantly, make sure to track the right metrics for your campaigns and monitor the performance of keywords and ads so that you know what needs improvement and what is working well!

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