The Situation
A well-known outdoor recreational gear retailer came to us looking to grow its revenues before their busy season. Having tried Adwords before with some success they were concerned about what type of ROI we might get for them.

Teaming up with TDM for SEO Consulting and PPC Management, the potential was there to have a huge impact on their bottom line in a short time.

Opportunity Identified
Being a well-known brand in their space we knew that there were low-hanging fruits in their Shopping campaigns. With more than 5,000 unique products, Shopping was a no brainer on our part. With healthy profit margins, many unique products, and full control of their own distribution system, the stage was set.

Our Expertise in Action
Having worked with hundreds of ecommerce stores we know our way around Shopping campaigns, small and large. With a medium sized feed such as this, we quickly put up Shopping campaigns in a tiered structure to filter products from Generic Queries -> Brand Name Queries -> Product Specific Queries. Over the first few weeks we saw remarkable results.

Results Achieved
The results were phenomenal. We went from 0 to 100 in record time achieving a 2000% ROAS in the first 45 days and generating a whopping $172,423 on $8,471 spend. Needless to say, the client is very happy with the results and we plan on continuing to grow the account via Paid Search, Dynamic Remarketing, Youtube Ads, and Display Ads.

PPC campaign results