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Why Domain Authority is important, and five actions you can take to improve it now!

Domain Authority is a rank scale from 1-100. The higher the number, the more trust Google places on your site and the likelihood of your site ranking better.

Take action on these 5 steps today to improve your overall DA.

1. Write High-Quality Content (Daily)
Instead of the regular product descriptive content, add to it! If you are an expert in your field, write why these products you sell are beneficial to others. Give them content they haven’t seen before. Google’s job is to give its users the best possible answer. Focus on your area of expertise and focus on gaining trust with your users. Long-form, evergreen content is likely to be picked up and trusted by users. Focus on delivering content that will provide value now and well into the future.
2. User Experience
Does your site load fast? Is it mobile-friendly? Is it easy to navigate? If your website annoys users, it likely annoys Google. So, fix what you can and seek help to address items that may require more advanced skills. Even the most minor fixes matter to your site ranking better and raising your overall DA.
3. Building Links
Build links from websites that have a higher DA than yours. Target websites in your niche or broad niche that will help raise your DA over time. Building links to your website is a tough endeavor to tackle by yourself, but it can profoundly impact your overall trust and rankings. If this is your problem, we can help. Ask us! We’re pretty good at it and can back it up with recent client successes!
4. Link to other credible sites
If your content doesn’t provide all the answers, link to others that do. Two things will happen here. You provide great information to the user (Google likes that), and you may get a link back (very valuable). It’s impossible to divulge every answer, so linking to credible sources is a win-win.
5. Use Social To Enhance Your Brand And Increase Traffic
Google has stated that they don’t use social media as ranking indicators. Regardless, social signals and sharing are good things. It also may lead to gaining links down the road from credible websites. Make sense of what social media platform has the chance to be most impactful for your brand. Connect with influencers and other content producers. Provide great content for users on these platforms. Think outside of the box with your photos, videos, creatives, etc. Have a plan!

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