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Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Campaigns Are Not Performing

We’ve heard it time and time again. “I get traffic and no sales,” or “Facebook Ads don’t convert well.” When utilized correctly, Facebook ads can yield awe-inspiring numbers for your business.

List Of Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Campaigns Are Not Performing Well

1. Bad Audience Targeting. Facebook allows you to target people with a variety of interests and geography. Unfortunately, when we audit an account, we find many problems with how an account uses this tool correctly.
2. Low Budget. Do you expect a significant return on a $100 per month ad spend? You have to spend money to make money. If you’re spending less than $1,000 per month on Facebook Ads and you are an e-commerce company, this is a hobby site. People are on Facebook all the time! Up the budget and plan accordingly to compete with other brands to find the people looking for your products.
3. Bad Creatives. A well-thought-out ad creative is what first catches a person’s eye. Facebook has many options to improve this that you may not even know!
4. Relevance Score. As Google does, relevancy matters! Does your message match the targeting? The higher the relevance, the less $$$ it will cost you to get in front of your preferred audience.
5. Bad Copy. If your copy is terrible, sloppy, not relevant, don’t expect to convert much. Is your copy incredibly confusing, misleading, or dull? Like content for your site, great marketing copy matters!

Address these five issues above if your Facebook campaigns are not performing well and you should see increased results!

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