Understanding the marketing funnel as it relates to your business gives you a way to categorize leads and a customers’ journey based on their place in the funnel. Just discovered, interested in product/service or ready to purchase. Knowing where a customer is in the funnel helps you apply action to your marketing plans to attract those still interested in making a sale.

The new hourglass shape represents the entire customer journey. Focusing on what instance leads are stalled in their journey helps you answer important questions:

How are consumers finding my brand?
Where are customers researching my brand?
Where are customers stalled in the buying process?
How do I turn customers into influencers?

The marketing funnel is a buzzword for eCommerce and local businesses alike. The new hourglass shape illustrates the complete journey from brand discovery to brand loyalty. Paying close attention to this model can help businesses market to specific stages of the cycle to increase sales or build brand advocates.

marketing funnel