amazon traffic 2022

Recent Amazon traffic numbers indicate that people are returning to work

See the image below for traffic numbers comparing the period March-May 2021 vs. March-May 2022. As highlighted by the considerable drop in search traffic, people are returning to the office.

amazon traffic is down
don't give up the shipWhat can you do? Stay the course.
Keep doing what made your business prosper during the pandemic but fine-tune and optimize your accounts for success.
How are other businesses increasing traffic?
Our clients are seeing success by moving efforts towards content creation and link building.

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Keywords are up, but my traffic is down

This is a common question from many businesses we speak to on a daily basis, “Keywords are up, but traffic is down.”

“It’s not supposed to work that way, or is it?”

Here’s our answer. More people are going back to the office. They don’t have time during the day to shop on their laptops or phones so expect pre-pandemic traffic numbers to start showing in your metrics. The pandemic afforded staggering numbers for a ton of e-commerce companies. ROAS numbers were through the roof! We know; we saw them! The days of ROAS numbers in the 20-30’s+ are likely to be debated, but that doesn’t mean you should stop your marketing efforts.

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