Drive Success with Triangle Direct Media's Paid Search Management Expertise

Are you struggling to drive traffic to your website or convert visitors into paying customers? One of the most effective ways to achieve these goals is through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. However, with so many different platforms and ad types available, managing a successful PPC campaign can be challenging.

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This is where Triangle Direct Media (TDM) comes in. Our paid search management expertise, advantage, and personal touch service can help businesses of all sizes and industries drive success with their PPC campaigns. Here’s how:

Custom Digital Strategy

At TDM, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to PPC management. Every business has unique needs, goals, and challenges, which is why we develop custom digital strategies tailored to each client. Our Director of Digital Strategy works with a team of search specialists to understand your business, determine your goals, and drive a campaign that leads to success.

We start by conducting a thorough analysis of your website, products or services, competitors, and target audience. We use this information to develop a strategy that meets your specific needs and goals, considering factors like budget, target audience, keyword research, ad copy, and landing pages. By developing a custom strategy, we can help you stand out from your competitors and drive maximum results from your PPC campaigns.

Ongoing Campaign Optimization

A successful PPC campaign requires ongoing optimization to ensure that it’s driving maximum results. Once launched, we continue to monitor performance, outline strategic opportunities, and discuss the next steps with you. We provide regular reporting on key metrics like impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), and conversion rate.

Our team uses this data to identify opportunities for optimization, including refining ad copy, adjusting bids, targeting new keywords, and testing new landing pages. We also work closely with you to understand your business goals and input, ensuring that as the campaign evolves, agreed-upon goals evolve as well. This ongoing optimization and collaboration process helps us drive ongoing improvement in sales and profitability each month of the managed PPC campaigns.

Extensive Experience

TDM has been maximizing our clients’ online presence and mapping their revenue-generation strategies since 2006. Our in-house staff has worked across every platform and industry, giving us the expertise to handle any PPC campaign. We have a proven track record of success, with clients across a range of industries achieving their goals with our PPC management services.

Our team stays up to date on the latest PPC trends and best practices, ensuring that we’re always using the most effective strategies and tactics for our clients. We also have access to cutting-edge tools and technologies that help us drive maximum results from our campaigns.

Personalized Service

At TDM, we take pride in delivering personalized service to each of our clients. We know that no two businesses are the same, which is why we provide dedicated account analysts who provide a human touch to your account. Our analysts work closely with you to understand your business goals, provide ongoing updates and reporting, and discuss optimization opportunities.
We also believe in transparency and collaboration, which is why we provide regular communication and reporting. You’ll always know exactly how your PPC campaigns are performing and what we’re doing to drive results.
Proven Results

Our proven results for clients with varying ad budgets speak for themselves. We have a track record of driving significant improvements in key metrics like impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, and conversion rate. We’ve helped clients across a range of industries achieve their goals, from driving traffic to their websites to boosting sales and increasing their ROAS.

Some of the factors that contribute to our success include:

Custom Strategies: Our custom strategies are built for each client’s specific needs and designed to hit ROAS/CPA goals. We take a data-driven approach to developing these strategies, using insights from keyword research, competitive analysis, and audience targeting to create campaigns that drive maximum results.

In-House Staff: Our in-house staff has extensive experience across every platform and industry. We don’t outsource any aspect of our PPC management services, which means that you’re always working with an expert who understands your business and your goals.

Low Employee Turnover: We have a low employee turnover rate, which is ideal for building long-term partnerships. When you work with TDM, you can be confident that you’re working with a team that knows your business inside and out.

In-House Developers: We have in-house developers who can assist with conversion and tracking implementation. This means that we can ensure that your PPC campaigns are driving the right actions on your website and provide accurate tracking and reporting.

Next-Level Creative Strategies: Our team of experts is always looking for innovative ways to drive results. We use the latest tools and technologies to create next-level creative strategies that help our clients stand out from their competitors.

Channels and Ad Types

TDM has a lot of experience managing individualized plans for a variety of media types and ad channels. The following are some of the platforms and formats that we excel at:

Advertising on Google Throughout Google’s advertising platforms, our staff has a wealth of experience managing customized strategy. This covers display, search, and commerce ads. We can assist you in developing advertising that are efficient and timely in their delivery to the intended target.

Advertisers may access additional inventory, formats, and audiences across all Google channels, including YouTube and Search, thanks to the powerful tool known as Google Performance Max. Your reach can be increased, website traffic and sales can increase, and our experts can assist you gather insightful information to improve the effectiveness of your initiatives.

Social Media Ads: We can help you create effective social media ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, reaching your target audience where they spend their time.

Retargeting: We can help you create effective retargeting campaigns that bring back visitors who left your website without converting, increasing your chances of converting them into paying customers.

Video Ads: Our experts can help you create effective video ads that engage your target audience on platforms like YouTube and beyond.

Free Account Audit

Not sure if your PPC campaigns are driving maximum results? We offer a free account audit to show you where we can improve your campaigns. Our team of experts will analyze your current campaigns, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations for how we can help you achieve your goals.

PPC advertising can be a powerful tool for driving traffic, leads, and sales for your business. However, managing a successful campaign requires expertise, experience, and ongoing optimization. At Triangle Direct Media, we offer paid search management expertise, advantage, and personal touch service to help businesses of all sizes and industries achieve their PPC goals.

We develop custom digital strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals, and we use ongoing optimization and collaboration to drive ongoing improvements in sales and profitability. With a track record of proven results and extensive experience across a range of different channels and ad types, we have the expertise to help you achieve your PPC goals. Contact TDM today to learn how we can help you drive success with your PPC campaigns and take advantage of our free account audit offer.