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Capitalize on the Emergence of Social Media Opportunities created by channels like Youtube and Vimeo.

Triangle Direct Media embraces the fact that marketing is changing right before our eyes. Through the power of the Internet and consumer involvement, we are knee deep in a new media environment. In the past, when it came to product advice, consumers were forced to accept whatever was being shoved down their throats. But we all know that we trust recommendations from our friends – and even strangers – more than any slick advertisement or commercial.

Recognizing that most ads emanate from companies themselves, people are sick and tired of being sold to. In fact, it’s a practically dead way of reaching your prospects. Plus, it can be expensive. And it leaves the consumer totally out of the process – companies that are still clinging to traditional advertising are wasting money and time. This trend is even more pronounced in the age of blogs and social media. There is no doubting the new media marketing clout of personal opinion. Nothing spreads quicker or gets more attention online than consumer generated marketing videos, commercials and consumer video reviews. It is an incredibly effective form of viral marketing. Consumer ratings are everything. If you are trying to navigate the waters, we can help you get to where you need to go.

User Generated Video is the New Standard

Triangle Direct Media offers a multitude of options for viral and controlled user generated video campaigns. These consumer generated videos show up on YouTube and other popular video search engines and also appear in our network of blogs. Representing the ultimate in 3rd party product reviews, viral videos like this can bring an entirely new group of potential customers to your doorstep. With many elements and options available, these campaigns are customized based on your needs.
When you engage TDM, each viral user generated video campaign is designed to:

  • Increase natural search visibility and rankings
  • Produce aggressive buzz around your company and products
  • Improve traffic flow from the blogosphere which has 55 million
    readers (U.S. Only)
  • Generate buzz and traffic from video search engines

If you are looking for a new alternative to print advertising, television and radio commercials and other out dated mediums, look no farther than video optimization. In fact, if you want to take advantage of low cost promotion and effective endorsement, there is no better way. Through viral video clips, product reviews and user generated content, we’ll show you how to create brand stewards within your customer base so that your marketing message is coming from the ultimate voice – those that love your products and services.

So what is your consumer marketing and advertising plan? Take the step that changes the very way your brand is perceived and your products promoted. Inquire with us to see how we can put together a viral marketing campaign that places your company in the best light. Understand how blogging techniques and other promotional tactics can be employed to capitalize on the new markets you reach.

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