the seotool

TDM-developed proprietary web-based technology

What does SEOTOOL do?

SEOTOOL can identify the issues with your web site and how to fix them

SEOtool is a TDM-developed proprietary web-based technology that crawls and analyzes a website much like a search engine crawler. In particular, our SEO technology seeks to evaluate and identify the absolute, objective SEO issues that negatively and positively impact your website’s ability to rank in search engines. Issues uncovered include, but are not limited to, duplicate content, poor code structure, missing or abused page attributes, canonicalization, internal link structure, and many other on-page factors known to algorithmically influence rank order.

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What is TDM SEO Merchandising?

What Can SEOTOOL do for you?

  • web-based dashboard where SEO issues are reported
  • site-wide basis (by SEO condition) or on a page-level (based on priority)
  • track progress with trend reporting confirming problem resolution
  • actionable list of solutions on how to fix any on-page issues your site
  • identify penalities from search engine algorithm updates.
  • SEOtool is for any person, business or marketing services provider that is serious about using search engine optimization (SEO) to drive more qualified traffic, leads and sales to its website(s)


SEOTOOL has now analyzed over 1.5 Million web pages for clients. More importantly, these pages that have been analyzed and optimized by SEOTOOL , contributed to our clients achieving dramatic gains in search engine rankings.

Search Engines are constantly shifting their algorithms, or changing the rules for business websites. SEOTOOL is increasingly relied on by large and small companies to protect and insulate their site(s) from search engine ranking changes, as well as for helping companies fix the issues that may have caused their site to be penalized or lose rankings due to one of many search engine algorithm updates.