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Every link campaign is developed by actionable research, goal setting objectives, and created to meet YOUR businesses needs.

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High Quality SEO Link Building Service

Linking and links are very important to Google for both internal links and external links. They offer high value for SEO keyword ranking campaigns, and in many cases, links may be the missing ingredient keeping your website from ranking for the more competitive and commercially valuable keywords.
TDM has been creating and crafting SEO Linking campaigns since 2006 for clients. Google has changed and what it likes has changed over the years..but you can’t argue that links and external links are still of significant importance to Google in determining where websites rank for search phrases.

TDM SEO Link Research and Campaign Expertise

The foundation of any online marketing campaign is on-page technical SEO optimization. Once your SEO strategy and errors have been corrected it is time to work on high-velocity results-driven improvements. In order to take advantage of your SEO strategy, it is time to start a linking campaign. TDM will assign an SEO Engineer to look in-depth at your website’s current link portfolio and determine the best keywords, type of links, and websites needed to increase your rankings.

Dedicated Account Representatives and Unparrelled Customer Service

Keyword research, Competitor Analysis, and Targeted Domain Research

Custom Campaigns Created For Your Business

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All links are organized according to your content plan and distributed to high-quality articles with engaging and useful content as prescribed by the SEO Engineer. Links will appear on appropriate sites (domains) according to your existing link profile and branding. We ensure that our link content is unique, fresh new content and optimized for best results. Your campaign manager will monitor the links and handle any communication with independent site owners to ensure proper keyword placement.
We build upon your results and continually strive to improve your business.
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Search Engine Optimization Services

As any business knows, having a great product or service is only a success with the right visibility. A great product without an audience is an age-old concern which can make or break a business. This is where the powers of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services can save the day. In fact, estimates average that 90% of all site clicks come from organic SEO content over paid advertising making this the single most profitable and successful online channel for companies to reach consumers.
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seo merchIncrease the overall visibility of your website and improve both natural and organic rankings.


magento servicesExclusive proprietary SEO modules dedicated to Magneto, gain an edge on the competition today.


SEO SEMOn-demand crawling of your website to find both the positive and negative SEO issues of your site.


penalty removalWe understand our client’s needs, determine goals, and develop a digital strategy that will lead to success.

Don’t waste time with an SEO agency that doesn’t get results.

In today’s fast paced world, there is more competition than ever for businesses. The consumer is inundated with information and options at every turn. In fact, it’s estimated that the average consumer sees up to 4,000 ads a day which is a lot of information to take in, and a lot of competition for your business. The key to success is to make your business stand out against the competition, and a well-performing SEO marketing strategy is at the heart of it all. Whether looking to improve overall traffic to the site or the ranking of targeted pages, our SEO services are here to help.
We continue to get results today, 15+ years since our first client signed up.