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What is the difference between SEO content and high-quality linkable content?

The critical difference between copywriting and SEO content is the goal. Where SEO content focuses on ranking, copywriting’s main objective is to guide readers further down the conversion funnel and create leads and sales with high-quality shareable content.

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Overview of SEO content writers process at Triangle Direct Media:

Keyword Research: The goal of keyword research is to determine which terms potential customers input into search engines. Our content writers consider many factors while analyzing keywords, including related services and products. Nowadays, it’s more critical than ever to consider the searcher’s intention.

Keyword Optimization: If you want your website to appear as a top result on search engines, you need to engage in keyword optimization or keyword research. This process involves finding and analyzing likely keywords that will generate traffic from searchers to your site.

Content Strategy: An effective content strategy is integral to any strong SEO plan. A solid content strategy considers what type of content will best help you achieve your specific SEO goals and why and how that content should be published on your website. In addition, your content strategy should consider the technical information needed to improve your overall readability.

Competitive Analysis Involves studying and evaluating your competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses relative to your own. This information can then be used to improve your SEO content strategy.

There are numerous reasons why our SEO content writers succeed where others fail:

Below are some of the most important:

  • An understanding of how search engines work
  • An understanding of how people use search engines
  • An ability to research keywords and key phrases that people are using on search engines
  • An ability to write compelling and interesting content that will encourage people to visit a website

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