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Quality content engages consumers and search engines by illustrating that the information viewed is useful.

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“The only problem with evergreen content is that it’s seldom evergreen forever.”

Today’s businesses have recognized the need for quality, authoritative and SEO optimized content produced by specialized writers. Search engines are looking for the best user experience and sites with informative and engaging content are gaining the greatest online visibility.

Evergreen content is important to SEO because searchers keep finding it and visiting your site to read it. This increases traffic, improves your SEO and highlights brand recognition to new visitors who might be interested in making a purchase.

Evergreen Content “Continues to be relevant long past its publication”

      • Content drives visitors to your site, make the content the best it can be.
      • If you are questioning using screenshots, dates and links, then include them.
        The better the content the more it will drive visitors to your site over the short
        term and the long haul.

    Content development schedule and updates to evergreen content.

    • Updates to evergreen content are important because people keep finding it
    • Protecting your SEO investment with proper procedures to make
      sure the same title, URL and keywords that were associated with the previous
      version are left in place so social shares, backlinks and SEO for the content
      remain valid.
    • Building time into your content schedule and selecting the right people do
      content updates greatly reduces content update issues.

Utilizing off-site SEO Content Writers
The majority of companies do not have a SEO services staff trained and ready to go. It can be a burden to businesses of any size to hire, insure, train and monitor new employees while they navigate their way through current SEO trends. Ensuring that your company’s writer has a sufficient amount of work to do and will be able to meet deadlines can require a tremendous amount of management on your part.

Not all projects are the same and not all writers are adept at providing marketing messages to a wide variety of audiences. By utilizing an off-site service like Triangle Direct Media (TDM), you have access to a pool of skilled writers to craft your brands’ SEO-targeted message and reach a range of audiences.

By having a large pool of writers on staff, TDM has the ability to complete multiple SEO content writing assignments and eliminates the pressure of having too much or too little work for your staff.

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Utilizing SEO Content Services

Product Pages
Social Media Posting
Blog Posts
Articles and Press Releases
Guides and How to’s
Videos Descriptions
Glossaries and Indexes

SEO and Quality Content

      • Content Helps Fuel Growth
      • Get and Keeping Customers on Your Site
      • Creates Trust Regarding the Consumers Search
      • Close to 80% of All Searches are Organic and Not Ads

Content writers need to establish your brand’s website as a source for engaging and informative content so search engines see your site as destination for users.