SEOPenalty Removal

Hit with a search engine penalty?

Your rankings may by lost due to an algorithm penalty

In an effort to boost search results, Google will often make changes to their algorithm. This change often results in penalizing sites that are deemed to be exploiting unnatural linking, duplicated copy or low quality / non-unique content, etc.

If your site is exhibiting a decrease in performance, you may have been subjected to an algorithm penalty. This isn’t good news for you and your business, but we can help. Working with you, Triangle Direct Media (TDM) will make the required changes and submit the requests needed to remove the penalties while waiting for Google to update search results.

Making the required corrections to your site is an important part of ensuring your penalties are removed and TDM will do a thorough audit to compile all the information necessary. Our experience trouble-shooting will save you time and get your site back on track to achieve the right rankings.

Inquire about TDM's Search Penalty Removal Procedures

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The Panda update affected search queries by


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TDM Success Rate of Removal of Manual Penalties

Search Penalty Removal Steps

In-depth analysis of current backlinks
Detailed examination of ‘what is bad’ and ‘what is good’ to determine link removal
Progress updates and timeline reporting confirming progress resolutions
Contact site owners on your behalf to prompt removal of penalty driven links
Create and submit multiple disavow files & reconsideration requests
Communications with Google to help ensure the penalties are removed