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Magento has 51 specific issues out of the box that cause SEO issues for your site?

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Magento eCommerce SEO Services

TDM has a vast knowledge of the Magento eCommerce platform and has been optimizing Magento sites for over 5 years. TDM has developed an in-house tool specifically for analyzing every Magento site for 51 SEO issues that are unique to Magento on both the Community and Enterprise level. Because we not only know what issues are common on Magento but also their root cause, we can fix them faster than any other agency. We also know the difference between issues caused by a plug-in’s improper configuration versus a bug within the Magento codebase versus improper data entry methods by the site operator.
TDM has created 6 custom modules for Magento solely for SEO that are not available anywhere else online, paid or free. We reserve them for our customers so they have a unique SEO advantage. Modules include:

  • Auto Generation of Titles, Meta-Descriptions, and Headings
  • Category Content Below the Fold
  • Non-Cookie Breadcrumbs on PDPs
  • Add Product Count Attribute for List Block (CMS Pages)
  • Redirect to Product Root URL (Default canonical)
  • Simple Products Table

TDM has proprietary code to clean up issues with Magento’s URL rewrite table that prevents URLs from changing with every update to a category or new product addition.

Learn more about how we have fixed botched migrations from 3rd party platforms to Magento and recovered all lost organic traffic.

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Optimizing Your Magento eCommerce Store

Homepage – consists of branded keywords and phrases / company name recognition and optimization
Category Pages – will contain less broad phrases in relation to product type / category optimization
Product Pages – contain more specific phrases as they relate to product names (recognition)

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Understanding Magento SEO

To effectively plan your keyword strategy for your Magento eCommerce platform, the balance between 3 key factors is very important.

Phrases – Branded keywords consisting of company name and signature products

Fewer Focus Phrases – Consisting of product types and category optimization

Specific Phrases – Product names and optimization

Keyword strategy is page specific, and we have to make sure that the keywords that reside on the page are relevant to the pages’ content and consistent with our goal of maintaining the attention of the visitor.