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Google Page Experience Update - ARE YOU READY?

Site Performance Becomes More Important in 2021
Google Page Experience update is all set to launch this May. Google’s new algorithm changes can affect your page rankings, take the practical steps to make sure your website stays on top.


Faster sites have better conversion rates; slower sites hurt revenue.

Google believes user engagement with websites will increase as page speed increases. These new search signals will impact search engine rankings very soon.

What are your next steps and why you should take this update seriously

  • Google has been talking about this for a while, and typically they mean business when they do (Think Panda and Penguin)
  • Websites that benefit consumers will do well
  • Making your site fast and less annoying for consumers will be a good thing
  • Your mobile results will improve or decrease dramatically based on what you do over these next few months
  • A drop won’t happen initially, it will be a long drawn roll-out
  • This is the new SEO world, get used to it
  • Severe impact meter rating “9 out of 10” (Our hunch)

Site performance plays a significant role in your success. High-performance sites will retain customers and have a direct impact on your bottom line.
Five items we will focus on to help boost your score:

  • Optimize images
  • Stabilize loading of your website
  • Check your server speed to help get that loading time down
  • Evaluate critical CSS to load above the fold content quicker
  • Look to improve loading of third-party scripts

“Today, we’re building on this work and providing an early look at an upcoming Search ranking change that incorporates these page experience metrics. We will introduce a new signal that combines Core Web Vitals with our existing signals for page experience to provide a holistic picture of the quality of a user’s experience on a web page.”

– Official Google Webmaster Central Blog

Website speed is about retaining users and keeping them coming back by creating an easy and timely manner to purchase or find information.


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