Target the consumers that are interested in your products

Facebook Dynamic Ads integrate with your eCommerce platform.

If your website is powered by one of the Facebook partners: Shopify, Magento or BigCommerce, your store can integrate dynamic ads into your digital marketing campaign.

View the Required Fields for the Product Catalog

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Facebook dynamic ads promote products to shoppers who have expressed interest in your product(s) from visiting your website or from other search location on the internet. By uploading a “product catalog” you are adding focused targeting to your digital marketing campaigns by finding the consumers that have expressed an interest in purchasing. The product catalog also keep prices and availability up to date sending a positive trust signal to consumers.

Dynamic Ads will reach more shoppers based on interest and whether they have visited your website or apps. This form of re-targeting reminds consumers of the items they viewed and didn’t buy. The re-targeting or reconnecting allows for shoppers on desktop or mobile making it a very valuable part of your digital marketing campaign.

Facebook Dynamic Ads allows for eCommerce based businesses to promote their entire catalog of products across Facebook’s diverse consumer population. The best part about Facebook Dynamic Ads is the ad viewed by the the user is determined by the interaction with your website or mobile app.

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The foundation of the dynamic ad is your product catalog, the list of products you want to advertise. Their are several different attributes that will be needed to create a product catalog (the actual file is referred to as a product feed). A product feed lists, product ids, descriptions, type of products,  name, inventory, image and other product attributes. If the product feed is validated and optimized correctly, the ads will reflect your current inventory and price in real-time. Product feeds have a mandatory set of required fields that must be included with each product catalog.

The Dynamic Ad Template consists of product attributes, link to products, description, and image of the product. The ads are then served to Facebook, Instagram, and all of Facebook’s networks. The data that is created from the product feed and ad templates create the final ads that the Facebook user will see. Dynamics ad can be either a static image or carousel type ad like the image below.

facebook dynamic ads

The first steps of launching a campaign include determining what your goals are and what type of consumer you are most trying to engage with. Specific campaigns can focus on:

  • Page Views
  • Tracking Searches on Your Site
  • Tracking Items Placed on a Wishlist
  • Initiating Checkout Flow Tracking
  • Completed Registration Form
  • Lead Generation

The next step is the creation of the product feed from your product catalog and how you want the ads to be displayed. Multiple product feeds can be used with one template or create various ad templates across one feed.

We believe that Facebook Dynamic Ads offer a great way to target the consumers that are interested in your products. The ease of purchase and targeted audience options can lead to building a successful sales funnel. With Facebook having 1.66 billion active mobile users as of September 2016, we think Dynamic Ads could be the boost every business needs.

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