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What We Know About Google Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max is a new goal-based campaign type that allows performance advertisers to access all of their Google Ads inventory from a single campaign. It’s meant to work with your keyword-based Search marketing efforts and help you find more converting consumers across Google’s many channels, such as YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps.

Performance Max ads aim to help you to boost your conversion rate by automatically optimizing your ad performance in real-time across channels. This is achieved through a combination of Google’s automated technologies, including bidding, budget optimization, audiences, creatives, and attribution.

When Should You Use Google Performance Max ads? According to Google, the best time to use Performance Max ads is when you have specific goals, want to maximize performance, not limit channels, and gain additional reach and conversions beyond keyword base campaigns.

Below are the specifics from Google highlighting when Performance Max ads will be the best fit for your paid campaigns:

  • You have specific advertising and conversion goals (for example, driving online sales, lead generation, and others).
  • You want to maximize the performance of your campaign, and you aren’t limited by which channel your ads appear on.
  • You want to easily access all of Google’s advertising channels using a single campaign.
  • You want to get additional reach and conversion value beyond keyword-based Search campaigns.

We have been working with Performance Max ad campaigns for months and have seen some good results. Overall, Performance Max is a beneficial tool for increasing lead acquisition and ROAS while providing an excellent mobile experience. However, it isn’t the ‘set it and forget it’ ad campaign dream tool you may be thinking of. You need to be prepared to spend $50-$100/day for a month if you want to test Performance Max, or else it won’t work correctly. You need to make the investment and give it time to work to analyze performance and see if it is suitable for your paid campaign goals. If you are performance-minded with your paid Google Ads campaigns and have the budget to give Performance Max a go, we recommend testing it out.

Google Performance Max is not a ‘set it and forget it’ ad campaign dream tool.

Benefits Of Using Google Performance Max

The Performance Max machine learning model is optimized for bids and placements to help drive conversions for your selected goals. The ad creative will be provided with the text, images, and videos you provide. Include at least 3 ads in every group. The more ads you have gives Google the best chance to show the ad that is most likely it to convert. Each headline should mention at least one keyword, while the other headlines and descriptions highlight different aspects of your products, services, or offerings.

Benefits Of Using Google Performance Max
– Increased Reach

– More Conversions

– Maximize Performance

– Access to All Google Channels

– Additional Value Beyond Keyword Searches

Our clients using Performance Max campaigns have seen an increase in conversions. The results have been positive, with the automation portions of the ads performing well. The client has a very good creative team and highly sought-after products, so this type of automation is a very good fit for them. We look forward to sharing our upcoming case study on this client in the future, highlighting campaign success utilizing Performance Max.

Performance Max is a tool that helps you to drive performance-based conversions by optimizing your ad performance in real-time across channels. We have seen good results from using Performance Max and recommend it for clients who are performance minded with their paid Google Ads campaigns. You need to be prepared to spend $50-$100/day for a month if you want to test Performance Max, or else you may not get a complete picture of what it is capable of regarding paid campaign performance. The benefits of using Performance Max include increased reach, more conversions, maximizing performance, access to all Google channels, and additional value beyond keyword searches.