It all Begins with Successful Product Launches

Triangle Direct Media is revolutionizing the way new products are launched. If you have a new product coming out that will change your market, you want to ensure that prospects view your offering in the best light. What better way to increase awareness and create industry buzz than to introduce your company or your new product to more than 50 million potential readers? Simply put, there is no method more efficient for introducing your new product to potential buyers and influential consumers. Product launch marketing has taken on a whole new meaning with our proprietary network of bloggers.

At Triangle Direct Media, we understand the new consumer landscape – we know what to look out for and what to exploit in order to capitalize on the latest new media marketing trends. Increasing the speed at which new products are promoted, our advertising network helps you penetrate the market and reach potential purchasers quicker and more affordable than ever before. Most companies are confused when launching new products. Triangle Direct takes average product launches and turns them into turbo charged, web based, viral juggernauts. Have you analyzed your online strategy for product rollout, positioning and overall marketing impact? It’s important to ensure that every phase of your marketing launch is fine-tuned. We can help.

How are consumers bringing their influencing power to the web? Through direct consumer opinions, product comparisons, and product/service feedback. The web has quickly become the ultimate vehicle for comparison shopping.

Dominate the Market with your New Product Offerings

Are you fully leveraging viral marketing in the way you promote new products? If not, you’re missing out on the greatest opportunity in a generation. Brand awareness and promotion are now being executed in new ways, offering you a chance to bring greater efficiency to the way you reach your target market. By accepting and appreciating the fact that consumers are in control of the buying process, you can break down the walls between company and customer, impacting the relationship and building lifetime loyalty. This enhances your new product offering and gives it the best chance for success.

To capitalize on the momentum that a well launched product can have, you’ll want to ensure that product reviews are generated and all campaign details are taken care of, employing user generated video, blogging, universal search optimization and other important marketing tactics. Triangle Direct Media works with many top brands to ensure their products and services are marketed right. Trying to capitalize on new product marketing techniques? Find out how we can help you dominate your space with a successful product launch – today.

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