GoogleShopping Management

Product Listing Ad

PLA's are visible at the top and top left of Google Search results pages. PLA's feature a product image, prominent position on page and a high ROI.

Ensure that you are maximizing exposure of your products on the web by utilizing the fastest growing shopping search engine in the world, Google.

Google Shopping Management uses Product Listing Ads (PLA) to maximize your chances of locating consumers with a high intent to purchase by populating Google search results page with highly visible ads related to the product category being searched. The PLA’s displayed on the top and top left of the page create an easy route for purchase.

Learn More About Google Shopping and Creating a Sales Funnel for Your Products

Set up for Success

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TDM will partner with you to explain the initial requirements and troubleshoot potential problems to ensure your company is set up to succeed. Our clients have experienced tremendous returns on investment (ROI) and the results are evident by their increase in clicks and profits.

Recent successes for a client specializing in hunting and tactical products:
Achieved a 50k increase in revenue in 30 days
21% increase in transactions
Optimized client’s data feed to increase ad clicks 120%, on roughly the same ad spend

Conversion Rate Optimization

Creating the Sales Funnel

The initial set up time can vary based on the amount of data needing to be organized up front. After this is complete we start the process of crafting custom campaigns suited to your business.

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A PLA targets products and product categories and is not related to typical keywords search. An advertiser sets a bid on a product. Google then looks at the data feed to determine what is relevant. The data feed includes product details, name, category, images, price, color, size, quantity, brand name, and description. The PLAs position on the search results page makes it a highly visible targeted ad with a high return on investment (ROI).

Our process ensures that we structure campaigns in such a way that is ideal for your specific business model and product offerings. Our goal is to get as much granularity in terms of reporting and individual product bids as possible. This allows us to analyze conversion rates to see exactly what products are performing well, which are performing poorly, and which require more future analysis.

Shopping campaign structure is Search Query Segmentation via the use of negative keywords. Since the use of keywords is not allowed we must approach our goals differently than traditional paid search campaigns.

By analyzing your product offerings and search queries, we craft a custom strategy best suited for your target market to ensure success in your industry. This is an ongoing process through the life of your campaign mitigated by recurring tasks to ensure your ad spend is always placing your products in front of potential customers.

By taking this approach, profitability is inevitable so long as the remainder of the sales funnel performs its duty well.