Leveraging the Massive Influence of the Web

The rise of the Internet in the mid-1990′s powered a new way of gaining product or service awareness: Viral Marketing. Sometimes called “Buzz” marketing or word-of-mouth marketing, this relatively new way of building awareness can spread like wildfire due to the natural inter-connectedness of the web. Social media outlets take viral marketing to a whole new level.

Through targeted product launches, consumers find out about a new product, they tell their friends, who tell their friends, and so on until the product has an unstoppable buzz surrounding it. A great example of viral marketing was the popular email platform, “Hotmail” in the mid-1990′s. Placing a link on the bottom of user’s emails, it encouraged readers to sign up for free service. It worked like magic. The hype was contagious. Therein lies the power of viral marketing.

Gain an Overnight Audience with Targeted Buzz Marketing

How can you capitalize on the buzz marketing phenomenon through new media marketing? By having TDM set up a campaign that enhances your positioning in Google and the other Social networks.

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