How to add “book” or “schedule” to your local listing on Google

The following information is the most recent in regards to the setup and installation of the Reserve with Google feature.

Please note, this is a pilot project, if you are interested you have to fill out the interest form with Google.

For a merchant to be eligible for Reserve with Google, they need to meet two main criteria:

  1. The business should have a physical location with an address that can be matched to the Google Maps database.
  2. Its services must be bookable according to the service definition.

Interested in Reserve with Google Integration?

The following services are supported:

Appointments, Reservations, Classes, Activities, Basic ticketing, General admission day tours, Consults and evaluations, Signups and trials

Health and fitness services are supported:
Craniosacral therapy
Sports medicine
Sleep clinic
Drug testing
Retreat center
Speech pathologist

Spa and beauty services are supported:
Lymph drainage
Skin care
Hair removal
Hair replacement

The following services aren’t supported:

  • Services that are membership-based, subscription-based, or have recurring billing.
  • Services that require insurance, or have unique legal requirements, such as dentists, healthcare, childcare, or adult entertainment.
  • Services that are “on demand”, “mobile-based”, or “in-home” such as mobile haircuts, cleaners, or locksmiths.
  • Services that can’t be instantly confirmed, such as those that require merchant confirmation.v
  • Services that require additional steps in the booking flow, such as filling out a waiver.v
  • Services that require custom fields related to the user. This includes any fields beyond first name, last name, email address, and phone number.